Bringing Out Your Best

Every aspect of our operations is designed to fulfil the Valour FX mission of bringing out the best in our clients, and that is why we have dedicated much of our energy and resources this past year to improving and perfecting our products and services. We want to provide you with only the most ideal trading conditions possible, and we strive to do this through the continual innovation of our technologies and the refining of our services.

Valour GBAF Interview 2017

The Marketing Director of Valour FX, was recently interviewed by Global Banking & Finance Review (GBAF), a leading online and print magazine within the financial community. In the interview, he spoke about several key points which delineated the current initiatives and future outlooks for Valour FX. Emphasizing the importance of education for all traders, our Marketing Director highlighted the wide spectrum of both online and offline learning materials encompassed within the Valour FX curriculum, including webinars, live training sessions and personal development classes. In addition, the VG observatory, a daily roundup of the industry’s latest news and trends, was established to provide accurate market readings for improved trading strategies.

Priding Valour FX as a stronghold brokerage in the China financial markets, our Marketing Director mentioned how the company was adopting a localised, unique client-centric approach by promulgating their wealth of knowledge and expert insights to the local trading scene through WeChat, the dominant social networking app in China.

Best Execution Broker Asia 2017

Global Banking & Finance Review

Valour FX is honored to receive this highly contested and prestigious award from the Global Banking & Finance Review (GBAF) for providing institutional quality execution at retail level. By consistently providing ultra-low latency execution, transparent pricing and other industry-leading features, our traders are able to make the most precise trades to enhance their profit potential.

low-lat2Low-Latency Order Execution

Our servers are enhanced with optimal connectivity, high throughput and sustained capacity which means you will be able to perform your trades without delay, affording you more control over your profits.

tranpance-pricing3Transparent Pricing

Better manage your transactions with transparent monitoring of all price information—right at your fingertips. No hidden fees, no hidden charges.

accurate-img3Accurate Entries and Exits

Access the most accurate trigger points for your trades and set your trades up with the ideal conditions for profits and success.

trading-tech3Trading Technology

Between our robust trading platforms, reliable technological infrastructure and high-quality bridge to liquidity, you know you’re always working with the cutting edge.

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