Valour MT4 FX Derivatives

Where Innovation Meets Simplicity

“Valour’s trading platform combines innovation with simplicity, making it your best choice for an unforgettable trading experience.”

We know by now how powerful FX Derivatives as can be as a means of taking on the Forex market. Its simplicity and fast turnover rate makes it an excellent choice for any trader who wishes to maximize their investments efficiently and effectively. Valour pushes the boundaries of FX Derivatives trading by integrating this revolutionary product with the Metatrader 4, the most globally recognized retail trading platform available today. Valour’s trading platform combines innovation with simplicity, making it your best choice for an unforgettable trading experience.

The world-class charting capabilities and wide range of powerful range indicators of the MT4 platform provides for better trading decisions and aids you in taking advantage of market opportunities especially in FX Derivatives Trading. Robust execution allows you to react instantly and execute orders with immense accuracy. The MT4 is with no doubt the most versatile of all Forex and FX Derivatives platforms.

What Sets Valour MT4 FX Derivatives Apart?

Stable. Intuitive. Dynamic.

Valour takes the familiar environment of FX Derivatives trading and improves upon it in multiple ways. The security and reliability it encompasses makes it the platform of choice for your FX Derivatives trading. The Valour state-of-the-art MT4 FX Derivatives technology is specifically designed to be flexible and adaptive to your needs. It is:


You will be able to execute a vast number of orders concurrently without latency or loss of information.



You will be able to start right away without a steep learning curve, allowing you to concentrate on what is important—your trades.



You will have the flexibility you need, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, to capitalize on any and all opportunities which come your way.



Trading Streamlined

Once you have set up an account with Valour, you will gain access to some of the most powerful FX Derivatives features available today. Add this to our advanced trading infrastructure, competitive pricing, no dealing desk intervention and our superior order execution speed, and you will find yourself with one of the most streamlined trading experiences possible. Here are some features unique to Valour:

1) FX Auto Roller

Time is the most precious resource for a trader, and at Valour, we aim to make sure your trading experience is as efficient and effective as possible. With the industry exclusive FX Auto Roller, you will be able to command enhanced profits from longer and more accurate expiration timeframes. All you have to do is identify a trend, set the trade parameter and let the auto-rolling feature do the rest for you. What’s more, you will have access to traditional risk management tools such as “take profit” and “stop loss” levels, allowing you to have the best FX Derivatives trading experience possible.

2) Multi-trade Countdown

As a trader, the number of tasks you need to perform and the amount of information you have to keep track of can be overwhelming. With Valour’s multi-trade countdown feature, you do not have to worry. You will be able to execute new trades, monitor the performance of presently opened orders and check the results of recently expired options—all at once. Portfolio management has never been simpler.

3) Technical Analysis

With our Valour MT4 FX Derivatives trading platform, you will have access to detailed and customizable charts and indicators which offer you a high degree of accuracy, especially when compared to the charts available on browser based FX Derivatives platforms. We have over 50 indicators and charting tools at your disposal.

With these features in place, the familiar MT4 trading platform reaches a whole new level. This revolutionary FX Derivatives technology is already making waves in the industry, and we expect this wave to only intensify in the future. With Valour’s MT4 FX Derivatives, you will never have to worry about previous trading platform limitations such as web latency and inadequate charting capabilities.

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